Duarte Tormenta is a graphic designer from Porto, Portugal, who currently works at Studio Saol as a Visual Designer.


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Per Aspera, Ad Astra

︎ Editorial Design
︎ June 2020

Divided into 2 parts, this book aims to follow the unveiling of NASA’s Voyager mission. Like the innovative presence that the Voyagers managed to have in space, this book also has a material presence, unfolding the journey in our hands. The main goal is, therefore, to make this space mission, something possible for a simple human like us, to leaf through and follow.

The first stage of the book (“Per Aspera”, (Latin) “through hardships”) deals with the explanatory part that makes up this mission. Strictly theoretical, the text introduces the journey ahead. In detail, it shows us the peculiarity of a project like this. “through hardships”, then represents the challenge that was the construction and development of this mission.

The second part of the book is purely visual. After all the explanations, the reader then has the unique opportunity to travel in space with the Voyagers. Massive, high-quality images, start on Earth and end up in what is now the space inhabited by the spacecraft: interstellar space. “Ad Astra”, “for the stars”, entitles the second part of the Book - the visual guide - thus symbolizing the visual journey that these two man-made objects managed to achieve: the unknown world of space.

Duarte Tormenta

Art Direction:
Catarina Freitas

ESAD Matosinhos

João Martino, João Castro, José Bartolo, Susana Fernando