Duarte is a designer based in Zurich, currently working at Education First.

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Space Ensemble Pack

︎ Print Design and Illustration
︎ December 2021
Space Ensemble is an artistic collective that produces various shows and community projects. It emerged on the national scene as a mutant musical formation and currently works with several musicians and creative professionals, capable of assuming different roles: artistic direction, musical composition, and production, among others.

This promotional pack was created to present the diversity of its artistic production. It consists of a leaflet about Space Ensemble and several postcards, which correspond separately to shows or projects available for booking.

Design and Illustrations:
Duarte Tormenta + João Puig

Sofia Pancada + Vera Menezes

Margarida Meira + Vera Menezes

Maia D'Ouro

Fedrigoni Arena White Rough