Duarte Tormenta is a graphic designer from Porto, Portugal, who currently works at Studio Saol as a Visual Designer.


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Space Festival

︎ Music Festival Identity
︎ November 2021
Created in Coimbra, Portugal, in 1999, SPACE Festival aims to explore new ways of producing and disseminating experimental and improvised music in Portugal, by promoting access to consolidated and emerging artistic projects outside large urban centers. SPACE Festival favors the passage through low-density territories, so that small and medium-sized locations can also be the stage for contemporary culture. In this 2021 edition, Caminha, a small village in the North of Portugal, was the stage chosen to bring musical experimentation and improvisation to life.

While creating the image for this event, I had the chance to explore the concepts of space and musical improvisation, to develop a visual identity that represented these same themes. The particles present throughout the identity, as well as the chromatic palette of the event, were inspired by stars and galaxies, in other words, stardust. One of the most interesting aspects of the identity is the fact that these same particles are randomly generated by an algorithm, with multiple different ways of forming. This approach, therefore, ends up also referring to the concept of improvisation and musical experimentation.

Space Creative Tech Hub

Creative Direction:
Nuno Alves

Margarida Meira

Duarte Tormenta

Sofia Pancada