Duarte is a designer based in Zurich, currently working at Education First.

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︎ Brand Identity and Packaging
︎ July 2022

Identity, and face design for the mindful timepieces of “Daywatch”.

"What does "Monday" mean to you? It probably elicits a feeling quite different than the idea of "Friday" or "Wednesday" or really, any other day of the week. While most of the tools and methods we use to measure 'time' are logical, based on the movements of the earth and moon around the sun, the days of the week, all seven of them, are totally arbitrary. Sure, they've been around for thousands of years, popularized by the Romans, but their essence, their meaning, has been entirely constructed by people. So whether it's a Monday or a Friday, a Tuesday or a Sunday, don't forget that it's just a day, a unique and singular opportunity to exist, right now."

Client Creative:
Matthew Thomas
Michael McGuire

Project Team:
Shannon Jager
Catarina Freitas
Duarte Tormenta
Nicole Dileo

Katrina Cervoni
Daniel Hannaford
Sharon Berry
Jonathan Nimerfroh