Duarte Tormenta is a graphic designer from Porto, Portugal, who currently works at Studio Saol as a Visual Designer.


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︎ Case Study
︎ October 2023
This case study was developed as part of my application process with On-Running. The challenge was to create a visual identity for On's bi-annual global meeting, covering everything from graphics to the event's location and concept.

I wanted to create a branding concept that would make this event stand out as something fun and daring, setting it apart from the typical corporate gatherings. It’s all about celebrating On’s remarkable success and forward-thinking vision. So, I decided to name the event “Onward” because that perfectly encapsulates On’s aspiration to keep moving in the same direction. With this idea in mind, I embarked on translating this vision of progress into a compelling graphic identity. What I came up with is a visually engaging series of intertwining paths that all lead forward. These pathways are bursting with a vibrant color palette, representing the incredible diversity of On’s products, people, locations, and athletes.

The case study was well-received, and it got me to the final round of interviews in a very competitive process. While I didn't land the job, it's a testament to one’s ability to trust their initial instincts and ideas, showcasing what can be achieved in under 48 hours.

Design and concept:
Duarte Tormenta